The Best Essential Oils for Beginners!

by Janice FERGUSON on Mar 01, 2020

The Best Essential Oils for Beginners! - Inspire Me Naturally

No idea where to begin with essential oils? With so many different essential oils to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing which oils to use, how to use them, and what to use them for!

So which are the best essential oils for beginners? If you’re currently looking to explore the benefits of essential oils for the first time, we’ve got you sorted. Keep reading as we share the best essential oils to have in your beginners kit below, and our top tips on how to use them.

What are essential oils?

First things first, what are essential oils, and where do they come from?

Although essential oils have been used worldwide for centuries, they’ve exploded in popularity over the last decade. Simply put, essential oils are highly concentrated, all-natural plant extracts in a liquid form. Each oil has a distinctive aroma, characteristic of the plant they were sourced from. 

Essential oils are most commonly used in aromatherapy, a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and wellness. There are over 90+ essential oils available, each with their own unique properties and potential health benefits. For example, some essential oils are renowned for their calming and soothing qualities, while others are best used to stimulate and energise!  

What are the most popular essential oils for beginners?

If you’re just starting out with essential oils, we recommend adding the following oils to your kit:

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular oils, for good reason. This versatile oil is known for its soothing, calming and relaxing qualities, along with its signature musky floral scent.

What it’s good for:

  • Promoting calm and relaxation
  • Easing feelings of tension
  • Supporting healthy sleep
  • Reducing the appearance of skin imperfections

How to use:

  • Diffuse or apply to wrists for stress relief and relaxation
  • Add a couple of drops to your bath or pillowcase before bed for a restful sleep
  • Apply topically (diluted with a carrier oil) for blemishes and breakouts

Lemon Oil

The fresh, citrus scent of Lemon oil is energising and uplifting. This top-selling oil is also commonly used for household cleaning, due to its antibacterial properties.

What it’s good for:

  • Boosting focus and concentration
  • Energizing & motivating
  • Household cleaning and deodorising 
  • Adding flavour to food

How to use:

  • Diffuse daily to create a fresh, uplifting home environment
  • Create your own natural household cleaner
  • Use sparingly to enhance the flavour of desserts

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is another stimulating oil, with a refreshing, herbaceous and invigorating scent. 

What it’s good for:

  • Supporting mental clarity
  • May help alleviate occasional stomach upset
  • Natural breath freshener

How to use:

  • Mix a drop or two with water for a natural, energising mouthwash
  • Apply topically on wrists and inhale to assist with mental clarity and concentration
  • Combine with a carrier oil and massage into skin for soothing after-sun care

Frankincense Oil

Often referred to as “the King of oils”, Frankincense oil has been used to support health and wellness for centuries. Known for its rejuvenating and balancing properties, Frankincense oil is one of the best oils to include in your everyday routine.

What it’s good for:

  • Rejuvenating and hydrating tired skin
  • Balancing and improving mood 
  • May reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars

How to use:

  • Massage into the soles of the feet daily to promote a balanced mood
  • Mix with jojoba oil for a natural anti-ageing serum
  • Diffuse around the home for a relaxing, calming environment

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is best known for its purifying and cleansing properties, but is also one of the best remedies for healthy skin and nails.

What it’s good for:

  • Natural household cleaning
  • Strong, healthy nails
  • Promoting clear, healthy skin

How to use:

  • Add 1-2 drops to your daily facial cleanser
  • Apply topically to strengthen fingernails and toenails
  • Create a natural household surface cleaner

Where to buy essential oils?

 It’s important to only choose high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils to experience the greatest benefits. You can shop our range of essential oils, essential oil kits and essential oil diffusers online here to get started!

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