How does aromatherapy jewellery work and what are the benefits?

by Janice FERGUSON on Aug 16, 2020

How does aromatherapy jewellery work and what are the benefits? - Inspire Me Naturally

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative healing that has been utilised for centuries. It's the process of using natural oils extracted from plant and flower sources to treat a range of issues, from anxiety to mental health and our overall wellbeing. If you've read any of our previous blog posts, you'll know exactly why we are such huge advocates for aromatherapy - the benefits really are endless!

There are so many ways to introduce the benefits of aromatherapy into your everyday life - in particular, through the use of essential oils for topical application, diffusers and even detox bath soaks. But what about aromatherapy jewellery?

What is aromatherapy jewellery?

Custom jewellery is one of the newest ways to experience aromatherapy, through the use of necklaces, lockets and bracelets that carry essential oils. Aromatherapy jewellery is designed to gradually release the chemical properties of its contained essential oils, essentially becoming a portable, on-the-go diffuser that can be used anywhere, anytime!

What are the benefits of aromatherapy jewellery?

Because aromatherapy jewellery acts as a diffuser, it allows the wearer to experience the benefits of essential oils through the method of inhalation. When we inhale essential oils, their unique molecules enter our bloodstream and begin to take effect on our bodies.

Different essential oils have different uses, so you can choose an essential oil that suits your own unique requirements. For example, lavender oil is incredible for assisting with anxiety and stress, while peppermint oil is perfect for improving mental clarity and motivation.

Instead of relying on a diffuser that sits at home or at the office, aromatherapy jewellery allows you to continue experiencing the benefits of essential oils throughout the entire day, wherever you might be. Another benefit of aromatherapy jewellery is their ability to extend the lifespan of your essential oils - in some jewellery, a drop of two of your chosen essential oils can easily last up to 1 week.

What are the different kinds of aromatherapy jewellery?

Aromatherapy jewellery is available in a variety of different styles, but usually contain either lava stones or essential oil pads.

Lava stones are porous beads filled with natural air pockets that are sourced from deep within the grounds of the Earth. Their porous nature gives them the ability to slowly diffuse essential oils throughout their naturally occurring holes and voids. When our body heat warms up the stones (by wearing them against our skin as bracelets or necklaces),  they begin to release the fragrance of the oils.

Alternatively, some necklaces and lockets contain an essential oil pad. The unique design of the pads have been created to allow the essential oils within to release slowly and effectively over time. The essential oil pads can be washed in warm water to clean, and then re-used again and again, allowing you to experiment with different essential oils according to your mood or situation.

Where can you purchase aromatherapy jewellery?

We have actually just introduced a beautiful range of aromatherapy jewellery including necklaces, lockets and bracelets here at Inspire Me Naturally! We also have AfterPay and ZipPay available, so you can buy now and pay later.

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