The Best Crystals For Protection (and how to use them!)

by Janice Smart on Jul 19, 2022

The Best Crystals For Protection (and how to use them!) - Inspire Me Naturally

Crystals aren’t just pretty to look at - they can also provide spiritual protection and repel negative energy from your surroundings.

From clear quartz to black tourmaline, crystals are a wonderful tool for creating a safe, peaceful environment. If you’re wondering which stones are the best for protection (and how to use them), keep reading for our helpful guide below.

Clear quartz for protection

Clear quartz is thought to act as a shield against negative energy, while also helping to attract positivity. You can use clear quartz to instill a sense of calm, peace and safety to your life. This stone works best for protection when kept close to your body, so consider wearing a piece around your neck or keeping a stone inside your pocket to reap the benefits. Don’t forget clear quartz is highly impressionable, so you’ll want to make sure you set a clear intention when using this stone.

Black tourmaline for protection

Black tourmaline is a powerful protector stone that can help to clear your environment of negativity and toxic energy. This crystal is fantastic for bringing more positivity into your home or work environment, and helping you stay grounded. Try placing black tourmaline by your front door, or keeping a piece on your office desk to give you an added layer of energy protection.

Black obsidian for protection

Black obsidian is a wonderful emotional aid, known for its calming and positive energy. This stone carries feelings of safety and protection, and also reminds you to find the silver lining in negative situations. Try carrying a piece of black obsidian with you on stressful days to provide clarity and piece of mind.

Amethyst for protection

Amethyst is thought to offer protection, wisdom and clarity while also repelling negative energy. This striking purple stone is a great way to protect your mood and energy levels from other people, and helps to prevent negative emotions from rubbing off on you. Wearing a piece of amethyst jewellery can also offer stress relief and emotional support in your everyday life.

Rose quartz for protection

Rose quartz is best known as being the “love” stone, but can also be used to protect you from negative energy, attract positivity and strengthen your relationships. Meditating with rose quartz can help you manifest romance, happiness and connection, while also activating the heart chakra to encourage self-love.

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